Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Carpet Cleaning Dubai Services

Carpets are among the most beautiful decor you use to furnish your homes and offices, due to the feeling of softness and warmth that they provide. But carpets and rugs collect all the dirt and bacteria brought into your homes through shoes and from pets. Also, it gets spots and stain marks from spilled food and beverages. People do regular vacuuming, which is not enough to remove the dirt and bacteria hidden inside your carpet.

Hplus Professional Carpet Cleaners in dubai

We are providing professional and reliable services for carpet cleaning Dubai at the best price. Our team of expert cleaners will remove the dirt that is embedded deep in the carpet and make it visually pleasing and potentially long-lasting.


Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s essential to clean your rugs to improve your home or office hygiene and your health. Your carpet will look better and feel softer. Also, our rug shampooing and sanitizing service will improve the indoor airflow and air quality of your home with our quality office carpet cleaning dubai services.

How we work

We will remove the carpet smells by immediately neutralizing carpet odors at their source, rather than simply covering up the smell. It leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaners in Dubai will eliminate all the bacteria, mites, and germs from the carpet. Removing the stains and dirt will promptly protect your carpet from damage and will make the life of your carpet longer significantly by providing it with the proper care. We clean all types of Carpets, Rugs, Mattresses, and Sofas.

How does our carpet cleaning work?

We will examine the carpet and then use the appropriate carpet cleaning method. Shampooing and sanitizing the carpet is the most popular, safe, and effective technique. We use modern technology and high-quality machine to carry out the shampooing process. All kinds of dirt and stains are effectively dealt with deep vacuuming and shampooing. The carpet will be dry and chemical-free after the procedure. We guarantee the original freshness and status of the carpet without any odor.

Carpet Cleaning Dubai

The steps involved:

On-site inspection: We inspect the carpet by visiting the place. Our team will check the rooms where the floors are carpeted and identify the spots and stains on it. They understand the intensity of the stains on the inspection and will inform you about the process.

Pre-cleaning: The second step is to remove the furniture out of the way as much as possible. The movable carpets are taken to the balcony for you to be more comfortable in the living room. And the cleaning will be done there.

Vacuuming: Our team will remove all the soil, sand, or dirt on the surface by vacuuming the carpet. It is very important to remove these particles before shampooing carpet.

Spot Treatment: We take care of all the spots and stains that we identified previously. All the spots that need extra attention are applied by a cleaning agent to loosen the stain.

Shampooing: Then, we will use the shampooing machine for the deep cleaning of the carpet. This machine applies shampoo on the carpet to release any dirt deep within the fibers, then extract the shampoo and remove the dirt.

Powerful suction: The powerful suction of the machine will remove the remaining water and particles from the carpet, making it fastly dry.

Final inspection: We make the final inspection of the carpet to ensure the best result and client satisfaction.

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