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  • Similar day repair

  We have a highly talented team of professionals who will not make you wait. They will do repair on a similar day when you noted the application as possible as the can.

  • Emergency Service

  Our repair certified Technicians are available round the clock when an emergency occurs they are ready for home maintenance near me services.

  • Skilled & Trained Personnel

  We have a team of certified & extremely knowledgeable technicians for, plumbing services, Cleaning services, Ac repair Services, painting services, and electrical services who know how to repair.

  • Fast Consistent Service

    If you are looking for home maintenance services near me, we are always near you for any disposal emergency whether it’s cleaning services or maintenance services.

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We have a professional team for home maintenance services dubai.


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Hplus is one of the best emergency home maintenance company Dubai. We provide ourselves with the high level of professionalism that we deliver to all of our clients. We always prove to exceed our customer’s expectations. This has been leading us to increase our client list by gaining new customers through positive referrals for dubai home maintenance services. A transparent fee system at economical rates guaranteed work with a 24-hour service schedule and 1-hour response makes Hplus as a leading independent home repair and maintenance services company in Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Maintenance Company Cost in Dubai?

The initial expenses for establishing a building maintenance company in Dubai typically range from AED 12,500 to 35,000, covering formation and application fees.

What is the Annual Maintenance Fee in Dubai?

Dubai charges $15–60 per square metre for annual property maintenance.

How Much is a Plumber in Dubai?

One can schedule a plumber for an hourly rate of AED 129 plus VAT, or AED 119 per hour plus VAT for two hours. AED 119 per hour plus VAT for three hours.

How Do I Hire a Local Plumber?

To hire a local plumber in Dubai, research and find licensed professionals, check reviews, get multiple quotes, verify insurance, ask for references, consider availability, assess communication skills, inquire about guarantees, and finalize details in a written contract.

Is It Worth Repairing an Air Conditioner?

Repairing the air conditioner may be useful if it is less than ten years old. It is not a costly repair if unclean air filters or a blocked condenser unit causes the problem. But, it is generally advisable to just get a new machine if a major issue has arisen, such as a damaged compressor.

Do Plumbers Clean Water Tanks?

Yes, some plumbers do offer services for cleaning water tanks.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean the Carpet in Dubai?

In Dubai, carpet cleaning often costs AED 100 or less. AED 50 is the beginning hourly rate for a certain company.

How Often Should a Drainage System Be Cleaned?

Even if your drains don’t require it and aren’t blocked, you should schedule yearly expert cleanings. In addition to annual professional cleaning for drains, maintain your drains weekly and monthly by doing specified care duties.